July 1997

1.Terms of Reference

The purpose of the CCIRN is to agree and progress a set of
activities to achieve interoperable networking services between
participating entities (Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America,
and North America)
to support open research and scholarly pursuit. Policy, management
and technical issues will be examined, based on agreed requirements.
More precisely, the committee aims to:

a. stimulate cooperative intercontinental research by promoting
   enhanced interoperable networking services, specifically

   - promoting the evolution of an open international research
     network in line with official policies on the use of
     international standards
   - coordinating and facilitating effective use of the inter-
     national networks to enhance the quality of research and

b. optimize use of resources and to coordinate intercontinental
   connections of the networks represented on the CCIRN

c. coordinate development of international network management

d. exchange results of networking research and development

2. Membership

CCIRN members should represent an organization with an active
interest in developing a continental network with the aims described
above in the section 1 (Terms of Reference).

In Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific Networking Group(APNG) takes 
responsibility for assemblying the appropriate members.

In Europe, Terena takes responsibility for assemblying the
appropriate members.

In North America, North American CCIRN takes responsibility for 
assembling the appropriate members. 

In Latin America & Caribbean, Foro de Redes de America Latina y el Caribe(ENRED)
takes responsibility for assemblying the appropriate members.

Observers may be invited at the joint, discretion of the co-chairs.

Agreed as ammended

July 1997