CCIRN'98 will be held as follows;

CCIRN Annual Meeting - Draft Final Agenda  

        When:   1998.7.25       8:00 - 16:00(or earlier)
                                Registration  7:30 - 12:00
                                Coffee Break 10:30 - 11:00
                                Lunch        12:30 - 14:00
        Where:  Holiday Inn Crown Plaza (Room Rebat)(next to Palexpo, INET'98)
        Further Information:

1. Opening                                                               5 min 

2. Minutes Review                                                       15 min

3. Member Continent Reports by Co-Chairs and others                     90 min
        Asia-Pacific                                                   (20 min)
                Kilnam Chon
        Europe                                                         (20 min)
                Kees Neggers                                           
        Latin America                                                  (20 min)
                Florencio Utreras
        North America                                                  (20 min)
                George Strawn
        Africa                                                         (10 min)

4. Quality of Service(QoS)                                              30 min
        Do we need to form a working group to coordinate on QoS 
        among research networks?
        (Kees Neggers, Howard Davies, George Strawn, Kilnam Chon,..)

5. Global Exchange                                                      40 min
        Do we need to form a working group to coordinate 
        global exchanges such as STAR TAP?
        (George Strawn, Howard Davies, Peter Villemoes, Kilnam Chon,...)

6. GIBN Meeting(May 1998) Report                                        20 min
        (Stefano Trumpy)

        Future GIBN Meeting Participation including GIBN Workshop
        (George Strawn, Kees Neggers, Kilnam Chon, Stefano Trumpy)

7. UCAID/Internet 2/Abilene                                             30 min
        we would like to invite UCAID to hear its recent development 
        and proposal on Internet 2 including Abilene.
        (Douglas Van Houweling)

8. Digital Library                                                      20 min
        How do we coordinate linking and usage of digital libraries?
        (Kilnam Chon, Shigeki Goto, Douglas Van Houseling,...)

9. Working Group Reports                                                30 min
        Measurement(1998.7.21 and 1997.12.12)
                (Shigeki Goto)
                (Kilnam Chon and others)
        Cache(Global Cache Workshop: 1998.6.15-17) 

10. Virtual Network Development                                         30 min
        Would like to discuss how to develop and maintain virtual 
        networks for research community such as global high performance 
        MBone network, global cache network, global measurement network, 
        global digital library as well as specific user community network.
                (All to participate)

11. Working Group Management                                            30 min
        Are we managing working groups properly?  Do we need 
        the guideline on this issue includintg the working group chair?
                (All to participate)

12. Internet Society                                                    30 min
        How do we collaborate with Internet Society and other relevant 
                (Stefano Trumpy, Kees Neggers, Shigeki Goto,...)

13. CCIRN Home Page                                                     10 min
        We have now with future mirroring to 
        other member continents.
                (Tan Tinwee, Grant Miller, Karel Vietsch,..)

14. CCIRN Secretariat                                                   20 min 
        USA, once again, offers the secretariat work including 
        the minutes taking.
                (George Strawn, Grant Miller)

15. Future Meeting Schedule                                             10 min
        1998.12 Working Group Meeting(?)
        1999.6  CCIRN'99

16. Other Issues


CCIRN Measurement Working Group Meeting
        1998.7.21(13:30 - 18:00)        
        Holiday Inn, Geneva (next to INET'98 Conference Site)
        Chair: Shigeki Goto
        (If you are interested in CCIRN Measurement WG Meeting, please contact
         Prof. Goto, and


Background Materials                                            1998.6.29

        APNG                    www.APNG.ORG
        CA*net 2      
        Internet 2    

Annual CCIRN Meeting Participant List

1. Asia-Pacific

Kilnam Chon             Korea           CCIRN Co-Chair
Shoichiro Asano         Japan           SINET  
Shigeki Goto            Japan           IMNET/APAN
Tan Tin Wee             Singapore       APNG
Hualin Qian             China           CSTNET
Xing Li                 China           CERNET

2. Europe

Kees Neggers            The Netherlands CCIRN Co-Chair, TERENA, SURFnet
Karel Vietsch           The Netherlands CCIRN Information Officer for Europe,                       TERENA
Stefano Trumpy          Italy           TERENA, CNR/IAT
Howard Davies                           DANTE
Peter Villemoes         Denmark         NORDUnet
Jan Gruntorad           Czech           CESNET
Juergen Harms           Switzerland     SWITCH
Olivier Martin                          CERN

3. Latin America

Florencio Utreras       Chile           CCIRN Co-Chair, ENRED, REUNA
Jose Luiz Ribeiro       Brazil          RNP    
Ruy de Ara o Caldas     Brazil          CNPq(Brazilian Research Council)
Ermanno Pietrosemoli    Venezuela       Universidad de Los Andes
Edmundo Vitale          Venezuela       REACCIUN
Alejandro Ortiz         Mexico          NIC-Mexico
Oscar Robles            Mexico          NIC-Mexico

Saul Hahn               OAS/Mexico

4. North America

George Strawn           USA             CCIRN Co-Chair, NSF
Grant Miller            USA             Secretariat
Douglas Van Houweling   USA             UCAID/Internet2

5. Guests

Dr. Osman Badr          Egypt           EUN-FRCU
Dr. Tarek Kamel         Egypt           RITSEC         


See for further information.
If you are interested in CCIRN Annual Meeting participation, please contact your
continent's co-chair and

        Continent       Co-Chair
        ---------       --------
        Asia-Pacific    Kilnam Chon
        Europe          Kees Neggers
        Latin America   Florencio Utreras
        North America   George Strawn 
        others          Kilnam Chon

kilnam chon
CCIRN'98 Chair

Remark: CCIRN Measurement WG Meeting will be held on 1998.7.21 (13:30-18:00)
        at the same location.

Background Materials                                            1998.5.21

        Internet 2    
        CA*Net 2      


Attendance:  25 - 30
Seating:     Board Room style
Requirements:OHP, Screen, Computer Projection