CCIRN'97 General Meeting Agenda

Please find below the Final Agenda for the CCIRN meeting in Kuala Lumpur on
Saturday 28 June 1997.

Venue will be the Rajawali Room of The Legend Hotel. Registration starts at
08.30 hours. As announced before, participants are asked to contribute 40
US dollars to cover the cost of the meeting room, lunch and refreshments.
This sum is to be paid at registration and can be paid cash only; receipts
will be given for these contributions.

The persons invited/expected to make presentations are indicated in the
agenda. These presentations are expected to be 10 minutes each maximum.
Speakers are asked to bring hand-outs, if any, with them to the meeting.

The list of participants in this CCIRN meeting is as follows:
EUROPE: Kees Neggers, Stefano Trumpy, Karel Vietsch, John Dyer, Michael
Behringer, Juergen Harms, Simon Holland
NORTH AMERICA: Mark Luker, Doug Gatchell, David Macneil, Ted Hanss, Suzanne
Burgess, Tracie Monk, Keith Chang, Marie-France Remie
ASIA-PACIFIC: Kilnam Chon, Shigeki Goto, Shoichiro Asano, Lawrence Law,
Tin-Wee Tan
LATIN AMERICA: Saul Hahn, Florencio Utreras, Jose Luiz Ribeiro-Filho, Lucia 
AFRICA: Tarek Kamel

>From 1900 until 2200 hours there will be a closed Executive Meeting 
the CCIRN Co-Chairs and the GIBN delegates, at the same venue.

Finally, delegates are reminded that the CCIRN Working Groups (Caching,
Mbone, Measurement, and Security) will meet at the same venue on Monday 23
June 1997. If you or one of your colleagues would like to attend (one of)
these meetings, please send an e-mail to  before Friday 20

I am looking forward very much to meeting you in Kuala Lumpur!

Best regards,

Karel Vietsch
TERENA Secretary General


Co-ordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking CCIRN

CCIRN meeting Saturday 28 June 1997
Rajawali Room, The Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


08.30-09.00     Registration

09.00-09.15     Opening
09.15-09.45     Caching
                + Report from CCIRN Working Group (by John Dyer)
                + Discussion on developments in various continents
09.45-10.15     MBONE
                + Report from CCIRN Working Group (by John Dyer)
                + Multicast consortia in North America (by Tracie Monk)
10.15-10.45     Traffic measurement
                + Report from CCIRN Working Group (by John Dyer)
                + NGI goals/plans, FedNet deployments (by Mark Luker)

10.45-11.15     coffee break

11.15-11.45     Security
                + Report from CCIRN Working Group (by John Dyer)
                + NGI goals/plans, update on FNC CIS, SIRCE, FIRST (by Doug
Gatchell and John Dyer)
11.45-12.15     Next Generation Internet and Internet 2
                + Status reports and Internet 2 and GigaPoPs architecture
(by Mark Luker and Ted Hanss)
12.15-12.45     Intercontinental connections
                + Status reports (by Kilnam Chon, Mark Luker and Michael
                + Report on NSF sollicitation (by Mark Luker)

12.45-14.00     buffet lunch

(afternoon meeting jointly with GIBN delegation)

14.00-14.30     GIBN Current Status and Future Plans (by Keith Chang)
14.30-15.15     GIBN Report on Cost Sharing (by Keith Chang)

15.15-15.45     coffee break

15.45-16.15     STAR TAP, GigaPoPs and Chicago Transit Access Point (by
Mark Luker)
16.15-16.45     EuroPoPs (by Michael Behringer)
16.45-17.15     High-performance network deployment plans in Asia-Pacific
(by Kilnam Chon)
17.15-17.30     International traffic measurements: possible joint actions
17.30-18.00     Resume, Action Items and Meetings Close