Co-ordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking CCIRN


Annual Meeting, Stockholm 8-9 June 2001



Date and Time: Friday 8 June 2001, 14:30 – 17:30 hours

                         Saturday 9 June 2001, 9:00 – 12:00 hours



Venue:   Klubben room, Scandic Hotel Continental Stockholm, Klara Vattugränd 4







Friday 8 June 2001


            1. Opening

                        (a) Round of introductions

                        (b) Logistic announcements


            2. Minutes of the last Meeting (Yokohama, 22 July 2000)

(a)     Approval of the Minutes

(b)     Action items (see attached)


3. Working Group Reports

(a)     Digital Video Working Group (JoelMambretti)

(b)     Measurement Working Group (Yasuichi Kitamura)

(c)     QoS Working Group (Karel Vietsch for vacancy)

(d)     Network Storage Working Group (Karel Vietsch for Micah Beck)


            4. Measurement activities in the various continents

(a)     RIPE measurement activities in Europe (Daniel Karrenberg)

(b)     Measurement activities in Asia-Pacific (Yasuichi Kitamura)

(c)     Measurement activities in USA (Joe Mambretti, Heather Boyles, Ted Hanss)

(d)     Discussion on opportunities for intercontinental collaboration

(16:10-16:20   Tea Break)

5. Regional updates

(a)     Latin America update (Saul Hahn)

(b)     APAN-JP update (Yasuichi Kitamura)

(c)     Other developments in Asia-Pacific (Kilnam Chon)

(d)     CANARIE update (David Macneil)

(e)     Internet2 update (Heather Boyles)

(f)       Briefing on JET activities (Grant Miller)

(g)     LSN planning process (George Strawn)

(h)     Developments in Europe (Kees Neggers)

(17:30) Meeting adjourned



Time and place of joint dinner will be announced in the meeting.


Saturday 9 June 2001


6. IPv6 activities in the various continents

(a)     IPv6 in RIPE (Daniel Karrenberg)

(b)     IPv6 projects in Europe (Karel Vietsch)

(c)     IPv6 activities in Asia-Pacific (Li Xing and others)

(d)     IPv6 in Internet2 (Ted Hanss)

(e)     IPv6 at STAR TAP (Joe Mambretti)

(f)       Discussion on opportunities for intercontinental collaboration


7. Lambda networking

(a)     STAR TAP and StarLight (Joe Mambretti)

(b)     SURFnet lambda to StarLight (Kees Neggers)

(c)     Other lambda plans

(d)     Announcement of International Lambda Workshop (Karel Vietsch)

(10:30-10:40  Coffee Break)

8. Transcontinental links and traffic exchange points


9. Grids


            10. Distance Learning


            11. Meeting follow up

(a)     Date and venue of next CCIRN meeting

(b)     Acting Chairman


            12. Close