Presentations of the July 2004 meeting in Cairns

  1. Updates of Networking in AP by Shigeki Goto
  2. GEANT and the Future of Pan-European Networking by John Boland
  3. CLARA: an advanced regional network integrating LA&C NRENs by Michael Stanton
  4. NSF International Networking by Doug Gatchell
  5. HPIIS, the IRNC and the Future by Jim Williams
  6. StarLight, TransLight and the Global Lambda Integrated facility by Tom DeFanti
  7. JGN II by Kazuyoshi Matsumoto
  8. GEANT and EGEE by Tomaz Kalin
  9. GLIF by Kees Neggers
  10. Optical Networking Tstbeds in LA&C by Michael Stanton
  11. U.S. Optical Network Status by Grant Miller
  12. Performance Measurement Cooperation by Heather Boyles
  13. Nectar Net by Warren Matthews
  14. TEIN2 by Tomaz Kalin
  15. EUMEDCONNECT by David West
  16. The Silk Project by Peter Kirstein
  17. Southern Cross Cable Network by George McLaughlin
  18. APCERT Activity Update by Yurie Ito
  19. Computer security co-operation in Europe by Karel Vietsch
  20. CSIRTs in Latin America and the Caribbean by Michael Stanton
  21. Trust Federations and Middleware Initiative by Heather Boyles
  22. Native IPv6 Programs Asia Pacific by Xing Li
  23. IPv6 Service in LA&C by Michael Stanton