CCIRN Meeting Agenda - Draft

                                                                July 3, 2004
Cairns, Australia


July 3, 09:00 – 12:00

09:00-09:15    Welcome from the Chairs
09:15-09:30    Review of the CCIRN 2003 Meeting Minutes and Action Items

09:30-12:05    Continent Reports
09:30-10:05    Asia-Pacific : Shigeki Goto
10:05-10:35    Europe : GEANT and the Future of Pan-European Networking: John Boland
10:35-11:00    Latin America : CLARA : Michael Stanton
11:00-11:20    Break                       
11:20-12:05    North America
-  CA*Net4 Update: Rene Hatem
-  NSF International Networking:  Doug Gatchell
                                                -  HPIIS, the IRNC and the Future: Jim Williams
                                                -  StarLight, TransLight And the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF)

12:05-13:05    Lunch

13:05-14:45    High Performance Research Networking and GRID
                            -  Asia-Pacific         
                                    GRID Activities in Asia Pacific : Yoshio Tanaka
JGN II : Kazuyoshi Matsumoto
                            -  Europe
                                    GEANT and
EGEE: Tomaz Kalin
                             The Global Lambda Integrated Facility(GLIF): Kees Neggers
                            -  Latin America
  Optical testbeds and user community needs: Michael Stanton
                            -  North America
U.S. Optical Networking Testbeds  Status:  Grant Miller
                               Performance Measurement Cooperation:  Heather Boyles
14:45-15:05    CCIRN Working Group Reports
-  Digital Video
                            -  Quality of Service

15:05-15:20    Break

15:20-15:50    Journal Publication:
High Performance Networking Journal Proposal Update:  George Strawn
15:50-17:20    Outreach: South/ Central/West Asia and Africa
International Networking Overview:  Heather Boyles
                            NectarNet (Africa):  Warren Mathews
                           TEIN2 :  Tomaz Kalin

                               The Silk Project : Peter Krirstein
Asian Connectivity, U.S. perspective:  David Lassner
                               Southern Cross Trans-Pacific Optical Research Testbed :
George McLaughlin
17:20-17:50   Network Security-CERT Activities
- Asia-Pacific:
                                  APCERT  Activity Update : Yurie Ito
                         - Europe :
                                  Computer Security co-operation in  Europe : Karel Vietsch
                         - Latin America :
                                  CSIRTs in Latin America and the Caribbean
: Michael Stanton
- North America :
Trust Federations and Middleware Initiative:  Heather Boyles
17:50-18:10  Native IPv6 Programs
- Asia-Pacific
                             Native IPv6 Programs Asia Pacific : Xing Li
                         - Latin America
                             IPv6 Service in LA&C : Michael Stanton
18:10-18:20  Future Meetings
Invitation to the CCIRN meeting in 2005: Karel Vietsch
8:30-20:30   Dinner

Meeting Minute