Presentations of the April 2009 meeting in Arlington

  1. Review of CCIRN support mechanisms by Yasuichi Kitamura
  2. GN3 Project by Karel Vietsch
  3. APAN organization/secretariat planning by George McLaughlin
  4. UbuntuNet Alliance by Francis Tusubira
  5. US National IT R&D Subcommittee strategic plan by Grant Miller
  6. US NSF IRNC program solicitation update by Jennifer Schopf
  7. TEIN3 by George McLaughlin
  8. APAN by Yasuichi Kitamura
  9. RedCLARA by Michael Stanton
  10. GLIF update by Kees Neggers
  11. Report on AMPATH, AtlanticWave by Julio Ibarra
  12. Report on REFEDS inter-federation efforts by Licia Florio