Presentations of the August 2007 meeting in Xi'an

  1. CNGI by Xing Li
  2. Support for the high performance applications by Xing Li
  3. Diversity of inter-continental links by Heather Boyles
  4. Internet2 and other national-scale North American networks 'optical' capabilities by Heather Boyles
  5. KREONET2 and GLORIAD-KR by Yong-jin Park
  6. NLR 'optical' capabilities by John Silvester
  7. G√ČANT3 by David West
  8. The status of TEIN2/3, and EUMEDCONNECT, and where we are with Africa from a European perspective by David West
  9. New Trans-Pacific cable systems and potential opportunities by George McLaughlin
  10. EARNEST foresight study by Dorte Olesen
  11. GLIF by Erik-Jan Bos
  12. ERNET by Ranjan Kumar
  13. GENI by Kevin Thompson
  14. APAN Compendia I by Shigeki Goto,George McLaughlin
  15. APAN Compendia II by Shigeki Goto,George McLaughlin
  16. The status of RedCLARA by Florencio I. Utreras
  17. RENOG by James G. Williams
  18. SINET3 by Shigeo Urushidani